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“Citra Clear is a favourite of both my daughters. They love it and always let me know when they need more. It’s become essential in their daily skin care regime with glowing results. Thank you.”

Kerry Valentine, Richmond NSW

100% Lemongrass water – Australian made
Vegan – Cruelty free – Pure Plant ingredients
Free of harsh chemicals – 100% natural
Easy and super effective

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A fresh approach to Natural Beauty

Citra Clear Lemongrass Anti Acne Cleanser is a new, fresh approach to cleansing and looking after your skin. Our unique Lemongrass water delivers the purifying, detoxifying, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and cleansing qualities of the Lemongrass plant in a convenient easy to use spray.

We use premium quality fresh Lemongrass and purified water in our formula, which is then gently distilled to produce our premium Lemongrass water. And with Citra Clears uplifting Lemongrass aroma, now you can enjoy cleansing and toning your skin.

Most dermatologists agree healthy skins natural pH balance is around pH5.5. Citra Clear Lemongrass Anti Acne Cleanser has been laboratory tested to be at pH5.6 which ensures gentle compatibility with your skin.

Your skin needs the right balance of natural oil’s for protection and suppleness. It is what helps you achieve a natural radiance.

Citra Clear Lemongrass Anti Acne Cleanser removes dirt, grime and oil whilst retaining the skin’s natural oil / water balance. It’s what Lemongrass naturally does best.

Your skin will feel fresh, clean, hydrated and toned revealing your natural radiance.

So easy to use

Simply spray on, wipe off with a cotton pad, then re-spray and allow to dry.

Repeat 3-4 times daily or whenever you feel like it.

More than just an Anti-Acne Cleanser

Take Citra Clear with you to freshen up and eliminate that greasy feeling after exercise, or on a humid day. If you’re out and about or at home, use Citra Clear to gently re-hydrate your skin. You can also apply it to help soothe and balance your skin after exfoliating, shaving or waxing. It can even be used to set your make-up or apply under your daily moisturiser to help increase absorption.

For everyone

With its uplifting natural Lemongrass aroma, Citra Clear is suitable for Men and Women of all ages.

All you need for naturally radiant skin