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General Questions

1. How long will delivery take?

Delivery usually takes 3 days N.S.W and 3-5 days for the rest of Australia. Citra Clear will be shipped to you Via Australia Post with a tracking number.

2. Are there any refunds on this product?

Yes. If you are unhappy with this product please email us.

3. Can I use Citra Clear if I don’t have Acne / Pimples?

Yes. Many customers continue to use Citra Clear as a skin cleanser with or without acne / pimples.

4. Can Citra Clear be used as a toner for my skin?

Yes. The Astringent qualities of Citra Clear make it an Ideal first class skin toner. Some customers use approximately 50ml Citra Clear in a facial steamer and find this very beneficial and relaxing.

5. Can I recycle the Citra Clear bottle?

Yes the bottle is recyclable. The spray heads are made from various recyclable materials, but as yet cannot be put in your yellow roadside recycle bin. The spray heads can be dismantled and the metal spring and plastic components can be recycled at appropriate facilities.