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Privacy Policy

At Cini Botanicals, we value our privacy and understand that you value yours too. For this reason, we only ask for your personal information in the course of a normal business transaction and to inform you of any changes to our products or business.

We will never pass on or sell any personal information to any third parties. Occasionally, we may decide to share some exciting news with you in email form. However, rest assured that you always have the choice to opt out of any emails sent from us, by following the prompts at the bottom of the email.

When you order via our online shop, you will be asked for sensitive information such as credit card details. Please be aware that these are fully protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Check to see that the SSL padlock appears in the locked position at the bottom section of your browser and in the address bar at the top of the browser.

Payment transactions are carried out using a fixed and secure payment server. All credit card information is encrypted and never stored on our server.

If you have any concerns about these terms and conditions, our privacy policy, or shopping online at Cini Botanicals, please contact us at